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Do you need to learn the language to for hunting in Bulgaria?

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It helps, yes. But it’s not necessary to speak fluently Bulgarian to have an exciting experience coming to land to chase wild game. You won’t talk to the animals, would you? Anyway, the joke was silly, but it is not a joke that in Bulgaria hunting organizations are obliged to grant you the service of an interpreter if you need it. And you will instead do because not everyone from the personnel at the hunting reserves has a good command of English or whatever your native speech is.

The assistance starts right from the airport

Or from the moment you step on Bulgarian soil. Booking an adventure to Bulgaria hunting organizations with a solid reputation and history know that providing a personal assistant at the arrival is beyond doubt a must. Sometimes this person plays the role of an interpreter, in other cases different people have different responsibilities. Anyway, if you need someone to translate for you, this professional has to be by your side most of the time.

“What? Even during the hunting”? It’s not necessary and not always a possibility, but it might happen. If you are on an individual trip, then it will be probably easier to provide you with an assist during the time of very experience in the woods. Hunting in a group would make it harder to have the aide-de-camp by your side.

Your safety is more important than the trophy

No matter if there is an assistant or/and interpreter with you all the time, you have to be sure that nothing and no one will threaten or harm you during the time of your vacation. In Bulgaria, hunting organizations take the safety issue very seriously, so you won’t be left easily to act out of the rules even being a customer who has paid the buck for the service. Thus, the foreign hunter needs to follow the one who is in charge of the trip, no matter if it is an individual booking or a group chase. In this case, understanding the commands is vital. Even if the hunting leader has not the most fluent command of English, you will receive detailed instructions on what to do in the process.

Don’t be shy to ask whatever is the cause of your concern. From the moment a foreign traveler choose to visit Bulgaria, hunting organizations with a proven record are well aware that it all has to be in the service to the guest. But some demands are not easy to guess, so if you need something specific point it out.

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