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3 types of city tour Plovdiv is a great place to visit for

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A weekend is definitely not enough to take it all from cities like Rome, or Paris – a week is better but you might not be able to afford it. On the opposite there many towns traveler get to know walking around for only one day and staying longer feels boring. When it comes to street tour, Plovdiv makes it to the Goldilocks zone of the 3-day holidays – a guest of the city will not miss any of the local highlights without falling into apathy waiting for the departure. It is more likely for a foreign visitor to fall in love with one of the most beautiful Bulgarian sites and to make plans for a quick return.


Cityscape of the Old Town


Historians say that Plovdiv and the area around it have been uninterruptedly inhabited for the last 8000 years making it the oldest in Europe by many calculations. The main sightseeing highlights for tour Plovdiv are to be found in the famous Old Town. Located on one of the hills of the city (called Tepeta by the local people), the ancient section has remains from several different ages. Known as Philippopolis in the Antiquity, the area (as well as the downtown nearby) preserved objects of the Ancient Greek and the Roman times. The Amphitheater is probably the most prominent object but not the only one for sure. The Old Town charms the visitors with the traditional Bulgarian houses of the 19th century many of which has turned to be museums now. A cultural tour of Plovdiv for 20 Euro per person includes a guide and a combined ticket for 5 museums.


Climbing the hills


No one can pretend to know the place without having been on the top of at least three Tepeta. There are six hills remaining on the territory of the city (one has been destroyed) and besides Nebet tepe which stands on the top of the Old Town, when it comes to touring Plovdiv highlights, the Liberators hill (Bunarzhik), the Youth hill (Dzhendem tepe), and Danov hill (Sahat tepe) stand as a must climb heights.


Explore the nightlife


Getting tired of wandering around the city, another tour Plovdiv can deliver a great deal of fun is the pub crawling one. You don’t have to walk around so much since the best bars and clubs are situated around the main street in the downtown and in the Kapana quarter nearby. The organized visit of pubs costs 10-15 Euro per person but anyone is free to explore it on his/her own.


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