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What are the average prices for UK cleaning services in 2016

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What are the average prices for UK cleaning services in 2016

We all want our home to be sparkling clean. A dirty environment can be depressing and unhealthy for us and our family. As such it is important to ensure that your home is thoroughly clean. But, due the hectic working life, most people don't the time or patience to clean their own homes. Many people lack proper equipment required to successfully complete the cleaning of the home. If you want your home to be sparkling clean, you need to hire professionals who have experience, skills and the right equipment for cleaning.

There are many factors that will determine the amount of money that you will be charged in UK for the whole cleaning. For instance, a home with seven bedrooms and several bathrooms will not be cleaned for the same amount as a home with one or two bedrooms. You will also need to state the services that you need to be done. Most cleaners will charge extra for windows, air ducts, ovens and walls and ceilings. For most cleaning professionals, customers who get cleaning services at least several times a week or a month will be charged less than customers who only get cleaning once a month or less. The number of people required for cleaning and the number of pets in the home also determine the price for cleaning.

Cleaning will cost you anywhere between £7 and £60 per hour in UK depending on whether you hire an individual or a professional company and how big your home is. Some companies and individuals give you the estimate of the whole cleaning process which is approximately £90 for single homes and up to £135 is it includes window treatment, furniture treatment and wall and ceiling cleaning. The best part about hiring cleaning services is that you do not need to have the detergents or any cleaning equipment.

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