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How To Pass The Final Landlord’s Inspection

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Neat freak or not, when a tenancy ends you are obligated by the terms of your rental agreement and thus by law to execute an end of tenancy cleaning. If you do not conduct one, you may end up losing your security deposit. There are two ways to handle this obligation, by doing it yourself or by hiring professional cleaners.

Benefits Of Using Pro End Of Tenancy Cleaners

Using professional cleaning provider may be costly, but you will have the comfort of knowing that the job is done properly and that there is no chance of losing your initial deposit. If you decide to do it yourself, you are dependent on your cleaning abilities, which may not be good enough to help you pass the final inspection of the landlord. That is why a good planning of the cleaning is of imperative importance.

Start by assessing if you can handle the cleaning yourself. This will depend on how well you have taken care of the property during the tenancy. If you have been responsible and you have cleaned on a regular basis the premises then you should not have any problems on conducting the final cleaning yourself. On the other hand if you have been neglecting you cleaning duties, at end of tenancy you may end up facing very hard and laborious job.

Be sure to know that even though most landlords are not much thorough during the moving out inspection, some of them are highly meticulous. Therefore do not take the risk of doing a sloppy clean and hoping for the best. There are some areas that scrupulous landlord will check, because they are the most tricky and often neglected places in the household. So be sure to clean them.

When cleaning the oven, make sure to clean its backside and under it, most people don’t and pay attention to such details. Make sure to defrost the fridge and cut the water supply of the dishwasher. You may pass the test with some dusty drawers but if you have not cleaned the oven, stove and refrigerator, you will get a low overall grade. In the bathroom make sure to clean the bathtub, the shower and the toilet so they are soap scum free. A dirty mirror won’t offend the landlord, but massive scum build ups will.

The bedrooms and living rooms must be vacuumed and dust free. If there are no damages to the rooms, nothing else is needed to be done. Make sure to clean all the windows and. Empty the garbage cans and mop the floors. Change any broken light bulbs and clean the ventilation. If all those things are done, most certainly you will pass the inspection, even if the house is not thoroughly clean. Still it is for the best to hire a company for the final cleaning, if you feel uncertain of your capabilities. Many cleaning firms offer end of tenancy services. So if you are looking for end of tenancy cleaning Grove Park has a vast range of qualified firms operating at different prices.

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